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    Game Play

    play multiple hands at once

    Play multiple hands at once, up to 7 Hands and 3 Splits per hand.
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    play with a shoe or csm

    Play with a shoe or a CSM as used in today's modern casino's.
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    view your bet strategy

    Customizable systems including Count and Action card.
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    Count Info

    analyze multiple systems

    See and analyze in real-time, multiple count systems.
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    lots of stats

    Stats, Stats, and more Stats.
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    Bet State

    drag & drop betting

    Drag chips to bet circles you want to play, as well as enable CPU's per round.
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    iPhone/iTouch Support

    play 3 hands on iPhone/iTouch

    When playing on an iPhone or iTouch you can play the 3-Hand version of the game.
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    iPhone/iTouch Support

    great features on the run

    Play the 3-Hand version when on the run, with all the great features from the HD version cut down for the small screen.

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