What is the 1 thing you hate most about Standard Blackjack played in Casinos all over the world? We all hate having to take a card when we don't want to and we hate to have the Dealer take 1 card and beat us. We never get a second chance. Well, with BlackJack Pass (T), You always get your second chance. If you don't feel like the next card is right, you can "Pass" and if that Pesky Dealer Beats you, you get another chance to beat him back.

    How Does Blackjack Pass Play? The objective of BlackJack Pass is the same as that of Standard BlackJack. It’s you against the dealer; closest to 21 without going over wins. But in BlackJack you only get one chance to take a card. In BlackJack Pass if you want to wait and see if you already have the dealer beat, you can pass and if you don’t have the dealer beat, you get to take that extra card to beat the dealer. But, the dealer gets a second chance at you too.

    Try play with the games many options and let us know how it plays. We are refining the game for the Casinos and we really want to hear from you.

The Table

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RULES for BlackJack Pass

How To Play

    Blackjack Pass is a New, Fun and Exciting way to play BlackJack using 1 or more number of standard fifty-two card decks of playing cards. Players first must make their wager. The hands are initially dealt in the same manner as Standard Blackjack (SBJ). From the dealer’s Left to Right, One card is dealt to each player and then the dealer. Then a second card is dealt to the player and the dealer. The player’s cards are dealt up. The Dealer then shows 1 of his two cards, just as in normal blackjack.

    If the dealer has Blackjack and the player has bought insurance, the Player is paid 2 to 1 for their bet, i.e. a $10 insurance bet would yield a $20 payout for a total of $30. If the dealer has Blackjack and the player did not buy insurance, their initial bet is lost, unless the player also has Blackjack and then it is a push. If the dealer does not have 21, the insurance bet is lost.

    If the dealer is showing a 10, the dealer will check their hole card and if the dealer has blackjack, all bets are lost.

    If the dealer does not have blackjack, it is now the First Player's Turn to Act.


    The players are then given several options: If the dealer has an Ace showing, the players are offered Insurance, just as in Standard Blackjack. If any player is showing Blackjack, they are given the opportunity to take even money for their Blackjack prior to the dealer checking the hold card.


    The player has the following options:

    • Blackjack – If the Player has Blackjack and the Dealer does not, the Player is paid 1.5 to 1, i.e. a $10 bet would yield a $15 payout for a total of $25.
      SPECIAL NOTE: The amount that a Blackjack pays out can be set in the Options Menu found on the Main Menu. The amount can be set to either even money or 1.5 to 1. The option exists to provide alternative odds for the Casino House.

    • Surrender – On the Players first turn only, the player may surrender his/her hand at this time before the dealer has shown his hole card. If the dealer has shown his hold card (Later in the game), surrender is not allowed. If you surrender your hand, only half of your original bet is take.

    • Split – This option is only available when both of the Player’s cards are the same number. Any combination of 10,J,Q, K,A can also be split. The Player must put out a second bet equal to the original bet and then they are dealt 1 card to the first hand, just as in SBJ and then play continues below. The split hand will be played next just as in SBJ. Players may split up to three times.

    • Double-down - To double-down (The card is still dealt up in this case) on your bet, the player must add an amount equal to their original bet. If the player doubles down, they are given one card facing up. The total of the player’s cards must first be 21 or less, otherwise the entire bet is lost. If the total of the player’s cards are 21 or less, play continues. If at any time the dealer’s hand is equal to or greater than 17 and the dealer’s hand is greater than the player’s hand when the player has doubled down, the bet is lost. If the players hand is 17 or and is equal to the Dealers hand the player’s bet is lost, unless the player’s hand total is equal to or great that the Push value set in the Options Menu under the Main Menu, in which case a Push is offered to the Player.

      SPECIAL NOTE: A Stand below 12 acts in the same way as the description above as far as rules.

    • Hit – The player is given one card. If the player’s hand totals over 21, their bet is lost. If the player’s hand total is 21 or below, they are given the option to either Hit or Pass (yes, you can hit on 21, just like in Vegas. This is done usually to eat a card for a hand further down the line, but rarely done by most players). If the player Hits, they receive another card, just as in SBJ. If their hand total is over 21, their bet is lost. If their hand total is 21 or below they are given the option again and again, until they Pass or they Bust and go over 21.

Pass Example

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    Pass - Pass is similar to Stand in normal Blackjack, but in BJPass, you get additional chances to take a card). The player is only allowed to pass if their hand total is 12 or greater. If their hand total is 11 or less they must take hit to continue normal play or Stand, see Stand Below 12 rule below. If the player decides to pass, the player is deciding to wait to see what the dealer has (Dealer’s turn is coming). The player must have 12 or more to Pass on their first turn. If the player elects to Pass, it is now either the next player’s turn or the Dealer’s turn if there are no other players. If it is another player’s first turn, they are given and bound by the same First Player Turn Rules as listed above.

    In the example Shown above the Player Passed on the first round, then the Dealer showed that he had 18. The Player Must Hit (See Rule Below) in this situation and got a 2, for a total of 19. The Player then Passed. It is now the Dealers turn

Standing below 12 - Example

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    Standing below 12 - If the player Stands and their hand total is below 12, they are not allowed to receive any more cards. If at any time the dealers hand total is 17 or greater, then the player who stands or 11 or less loses their bet. This is very rare that a person would chose to stand on 11 or less, but it can be done. And Sometimes is yields a win, like in the example above, where they player stood on a 6, and the dealer Busted. Everybody Wins!


    OK, all the players have had their turn and their hand totals are known. Any busted hands; the dealer collects their bets as play progressed above. It is now the Dealer’s turn. The Dealer now turns over his hole card to reveal his total. Prior to this, the rules have been almost exactly the same as SBJ. Now the game starts to get more interesting.

    The dealer will do one of the following: Just for the First Turn if the Dealer has less than 17, the Dealer takes 1 card. If the dealer’s hand is 21 or less, the Dealer now Passes. Play now continues around the table again from the dealers left to right.


    Now all the Player’s and the Dealer’s hand totals are known.
    The Player will have up to four(4) options:

    • Push – The Player is offered a Push by the Dealer if at any time it is the Player’s turn and the Player and Dealer’s hand total is the same and the total is 18, 19, 20 or 21. If the player does not accept the Push, then the Player must take a card.

      SPECIAL NOTE: The hand total that BlackJack Pass uses to determine the number that a Push is offered by the house can be set in the Options menu found on the Main Menu of the game.

    • Hit – The Player is given the option to hit if they so choose when it is their turn, even if they are beating the dealer. If they choose to hit and their hand total is over 21, their bet is lost. If they take a card and their hand total is 21 or below, the player may hit again or they may Pass (see Pass rule below)

    Must Hit Example with Win

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  • Must Hit - If the Player’s hand total is less than or equal to the Dealer’s hand total, then the Player Must Hit. If the Player’s hand total is equal to or less than the Dealer’s hand total, then the Player Must Take a Hit. If the player’s hand total is over 21, their bet is lost. If they take a card and their hand is 21 or below, the player has all the option to either Hit or Pass as defined in this section. The player does not have to take another card if their hand total still qualifies for a Must Hit condition; they may now Pass and will be forced to take a card the next time their turn comes around.

    In the example shown above carried forward from the First round Pass, the player was forced to take a third card to beat the dealer and got a two. The Dealer was then forced to take a card, got a King for a total of 28 and Busted. Everybody Wins!!!

  • Pass – The Player may Pass if their hand total is greater than the Dealer’s Hand total or if they have already taken a card this turn around the table. If the Player passes, it is now the next Player’s turn. If there are no other players then it is the Dealer’s turn.


    The Dealer looks at the total of all the Player’s hands and compares their total to the Dealer’s total. If the Dealer is tied or beating any Player’s hand that is still remaining the Dealer Passes and the play then continues around the table again as described in PLAYER’S SUBSEQUENT TURN(S). If the Dealer has the lowest hand on the table, the Dealer will take one card. If the Dealer’s hand total is over 21, then all remaining Player’s Bets are won and are paid even money. If the Dealer’s hand is 21 or below, the Dealer then Passes. Play then continues back around the table as described in the section, PLAYER’S SUBSEQUENT TURN(S), list above. The Cycle of PLAYER’S SUBSEQUENT TURN(S), and DEALER’S SUBSEQUENT TURN(S), continues until the Player Busts, the Dealer Busts or the Dealer offers a Push to the Player and the Player accepts.

    FINAL NOTE - We hope that you will enjoy BlackJack Pass and hope that you will share this new, fun and exciting game with your friends. Comments and Feedback on the Game are Appreciated.

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