App Switcher Quick Add Schemes

Here is a list of common URL Schemes which can be used in the App, just click on a link to add it to your Quick Launch list. There are many programs which support URL Schemes, such as FaceBook (fb:), Twitter (twitter:), or Skype (skype:). The best way to find more is to Google "ios url scheme list".

Also if you are a app developer and would like to create your own schemes to quickly add your App to App Launch see the information at the bottom of this page.

For how to use this application see the App Switcher Manual.

1 Password Atomic Web Browser BlackJack Multi-Hand BlackJack Multi-Hand HD eBay FaceBook FourSquare Google Earth Kindle Safari Web Browser Skype Spanish 21 Multi-Hand +HD Twitter

App Developer Info

App developers if you have your own app and would like to make a URL scheme in a EMail or WebPage that can be added quickly to App Switcher, just use our url scheme iosAppSwitcher with url encoded parameters N1 and D1 where N1 is the Name, and D1 is the scheme.

For example, to quick add a scheme for: "My App" with a scheme of "myApp:withPar1=1&withPar2=2", create the url scheme link as follows:

You can also add pars N2,D2,N3,D3,..... if you want to add more then one scheme at a time.

Also if you want to add an image use the IU#=URL.png (gif/jpg) for the image.

Also if you want your App listed here, please contact us.

This page will change with new/removed schemes so check back often.